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General F.A.Q.

How do I cancel my WP TATDROM Pro subscription?

As you probably know, WordPress is open source software and licensed under the GPL, theme and plugin developers who create derivative works (i.e software that relies on WordPress to function) are encouraged to adopt the same licensing structure as WordPress, and many do.

This grants users certain rights regarding modification, use and distribution of source code.

The GPL allows users to use, share, modify and redistribute software as they please. This enables us to redistribute software developed by authors such as WooThemes, Gravity Forms, WPML & more for a much lower price than charged by the original authors.

Additionally, every plugin author references and acknowledges that their software is licensed under the GPL within their terms and conditions. Theme Canal is well within the bounds of the GPL license which allows anyone to sell copies of a GPL program for funds (see here).

We are able to offer low prices because we don’t provide support or automatic updates. We do provide updates as released, but you have to apply them manually. So it means that if you require an account at gravityforms.com, and a license key for automatic updates, you should purchase directly from the plugin author.

If you need support or automatic updates, you should opt for the plugin author.

Where do the plugins and themes come from?
For security and quality-assurance purposes, all available plugins and themes come from the vendors (WooThemes etc.).
Do you offer license keys for extensions and plugins?

We do not provide any license keys.

Plugins and Themes are open source (see above answer) so they don’t require any license keys unless you want to subscribe to the plugin author’s support and automatic update service.

If you need support or automatic updates, you should opt for the plugin author.

What about updates?
We will post updates whenever possible, but cannot promise it
How about privacy and security?

For our Privacy and Security policies, please please see our informational page here: Privacy & Security

What are the terms and conditions?

For our Terms & Conditions of use, please please see our informational page here: Terms & Conditions

Why should I buy from Club TATDROM?

It’s a great alternative to purchase from Theme Canal as you should always avoid downloading free/illegal (nulled) versions of WordPress and WooCommerce themes, plugins and/or extensions as they may contain malicious code or viruses that may hard your WordPress website or blog. All of our downloads 100% safe.

Although we do not provide support, when you buy with us you can have ease of mind that you are downloading a clean product.

How often can I download my files?

You may download your file(s) as many times as you wish; but please keep in mind the following:

All downloads expire 365 days (1 year) after purchase; with the exception of all files associated with a WP CLUB TATDROM Pro. subscription.

WP CLUB TATDROM Pro. Members get access to all files at 10 downloads a day in adherence to our fair-use policy.

How can I get a refund if the product file(s) I’ve purchased don’t work?

We completely understand the frustration if this case were to present itself.

By purchasing through Club TATDROM, you are abiding to our Refund Policy that is found on our Terms & Conditions that is agreed upon checkout and completing your purchase. It states the following:

If a product purchased deems non-functional and/or presents errors, please contact us as part of our flagging procedure and we shall send you new/refreshed file(s). If the issue(s) persist; ensure to exhaust all troubleshooting options by checking the Authors/Publishers domain for any known issues or causes. If a resolution is not reached, simply contact us a final time. We will follow-up with you and kindly ask that you provide screenshots and the steps taken to reach the said error. This is part of our Proof Act.

If the outcome deems that the file is in fact functioning, however not compatible with your website’s current settings/set-up (hosting server, WordPress version, etc); unfortunately we cannot issue any refunds for the purchase, as the product is not at fault and sales are final.

Outdated file(s): Sometimes we may be a tiny bit behind on updating one or two products. If you happen to purchase a product and you notice the file(s) are outdated to the current version release, please reach-out to us and let us know. We will respond within 24-48 hours and have the product updated on your account as soon as possible. Refunds are not applicable in this case as the file(s) purchased are honoured with the updated version to you.

I recently purchased a plugin and it has been installed successfully. However, I’m receiving a message that’s asking for license key. What’s up with this?
Anytime you install a WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be prompted to input a license key. The reason for this is because it allows you to access automatic updates from your WordPress dashboard. However, a license key is not required for the plugin to function. This prompt can be ignored. You can also remove the WooThemes Updater Notice (if you find it annoying) with a bit of code.
There’s an updated version(s) available for my Plugin(s) and/or Theme(s). How do I update them safely?

Upgrading WordPress Plugins Manually

  1. First back-up your WordPress site if you haven’t already.
  2. Download a ZIP file of the plugin you need to upgrade. You can usually find most plugins on the plugin repository along with a link to download the newest ZIP file.
  3. Unzip the plugin onto your local machine. It will create a directory called ‘plugin-name’ with all the files under it.
  4. Use an FTP program of your choice to delete the existing plugin directory from the wp-content/plugins/ directory on your site.
  5. Replace the deleted directory by uploading the unzipped plugin to the wp-content/plugins/ directory leaving it in a directory that looks like (for example) wp-content/plugins/plugin-name
  6. Sign in to your WordPress site. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu and verify that the plugin you upgraded is the newest version.

Upgrading WordPress Themes Manually

Note, if you are running a customized theme you will lose any customizations if you simply overwrite your theme with a new one. In this case you will need to work with a developer to integrate your customizations into your new WordPress theme instead of just overwriting the old theme. If you have not customized your theme’s code and have merely customized it using the web admin interface that WordPress provides (without changing any of it’s files), then you can follow the procedure below:

  1. First create a backup of your WordPress site.
  2. Download a ZIP file of the theme you plan to upgrade.
  3. Unzip the theme files onto your local machine.
  4. Use an FTP program of your choice to delete your existing theme directory from the wp-content/themes/ directory.
  5. Replace the deleted directory by uploading the unzipped theme into your wp-content/themes/ directory. You should now have a structure that looks something like wp-content/themes/theme-name/
  6. Sign into your WordPress site. Go to Appearance > Themes and verify you are running the newest version of your theme.


WordPress has a built-in feature to install themes and plugins by supplying a zip file. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade a theme or plugin using the same process. Instead, WordPress will say “destination already exists” when trying to upgrade using a zip file and will fail to upgrade the theme or plugin.

A great plugin to help with this process is Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades

Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades fixes this limitation in WordPress by automatically upgrading the theme or plugin if it already exists. While upgrading, a backup copy of the old theme or plugin is first created. This allows you to install the old version in case of problems with the new version.

Membership F.A.Q.

How do I cancel my WP TATDROM Pro subscription?
Fore more information, refer to PayPal’s Help file here:PayPal Help: How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription, or automatic billing agreement I have with a merchant?
I’ve purchased a WP Club TATDROM Pro membership, how do I access my files?
Our membership requires you to make an account. With that said, the files are available and located on your Account page. Make sure you Sign-in if you haven’t already. If you have any issues accessing your account or the files, don’t hesitate to contact us with your order number provided by email when you had placed your initial order. We are always here to help in that respect.
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